What is the best treatment for acne for teenagers?

Few people in adolescence escape from the disfiguring pimples and blackheads known as acne. Because they often appear on the face, they always seem so much worse than they really are. If it’s any comfort, the problem usually vanishes by adulthood, though a few people have some acne all their lives. 

Acne is a companion of puberty, when increased hormone activity causes the sebaceous glands, which sit at the base of the hair follicles, to secrete more oil. That is why acne afflicts the face, forehead, chest and shoulders, areas with a high concentration of sebaceous glands. 

The moisturising oil, or sebum, normally flows smoothly onto the skin through our pores. Sometimes, the pores become clogged, either through dirt, or because the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Bacteria multiply, often inflaming the site. 
Acne develops usually duringpuberty when more sebum is secretedfrom the sebaceous glands. Normally this passes through the hair follicles and oils the skin. An excess mayform a plug and clog the pore. Then bacteria cause a pimple toform. The blackhead itself is not dirt but melanin produced naturally by the skin.

Time is usually the cure for acne, but some sensible practices can keep it in check and promote healing. Washing no more than twice daily will prevent it from spreading. Sunshine, but not overexposure, is beneficial. Doctors sometimes treat severe cases with antibiotics or they may prescribe retinoid drugs. Initially, for about six weeks, these may cause the skin to redden and peel. As the skin loosens, blocked pores open, relieving severe acne. 

These and other drugs prescribed for acne must be used with great care. Most important in treating acne is self help. Diet in this case has no effect. Don’t squeeze the spots, because this may leave permanent scars.


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