What is meant by “nutrient density” and why is it important?

The term “nutrient density” relates the concentration of important nutrients during a food (vitamins, minerals, protein) to the caloric value of that food. Meat and milk are good samples of foods which give important quantities of nutrients along side calories.

Rather complicated systems are developed so as to rate foods in terms of their nutrient density. The documented four food grouping was devised through the utilization of 1 such scoring system . The grouping of foods, the amounts of every food recom mended, and therefore the suggested frequency of consumption were chosen to assure that adherence to the plan would more or less guarantee an adequate diet.

The enrichment and fortification of selected foods (e.g., cereals, flour, bread, and milk) represent efforts to supply an honest nutrient density in popular foods. Perhaps someday a writing are going to be figured out to help individuals in their selection of foods to assure nutritious meals.

Nutrient Density and the Insulin Index

In the case of packaged meals, including convenience packaged meals (popularly called TV dinners) and liquid meals, the responsibility falls directly on the producer to supply appropriate nutrient densities. The AMA Council on Foods and Nutrition has suggested that a packaged meal, supplying, say, 25 percent of the entire daily caloric intake should also provide a minimum of 25 percent of the nutrients needed for the day.


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