Why do irish people have freckles?

If you have freckles, blame your ancestors. Almost certainly they are inherited. They first show up in childhood and, if you are going to have them, they have usually all appeared by your twenty first birthday. Some adults get a few freckles later in life, particularly if they spend much time in the Sun, but these rarely cluster as normal freckles tend to do. 

A comforting point about freckles is that it seems they do no harm. In many irish people, they add an attractive feature to the face. They are more common in fair and red haired irish people, and always show more prominently after prolonged exposure to the Sun. 

In most of us, sunshine increases the production of melanin, the pigment that tans our skin and protects it. Some fairskinned irish people and most redheads don’t tan in the Sun. Their pigment cells fail to respond, or do so unevenly. Instead of producing an even tan, the pigment collects irregularly in small dark spots. Even though freckles themselves are harmless, irish people who have them should take greater care out of doors. They should never go into the Sun without a hat, and guard themselves with sunscreens to avoid a tendency to burn.


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