Why does my skin itch and burn?

Nothing is more common than an itch and burn of some kind in the skin. Dozens of times a day, we touch our faces, rub our noses, scratch our heads, brush or dab the skin somewhere, all to remove some annoying irritation. And yet why we itch as we do is not yet fully understood. 

Sometimes, as when a fly or insect buzzes in, the cause is obvious. But itching may come from an allergy, a medication, an infection, even an emotional upset. It is the most prominent factor in many skin diseases, but because you itch doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin is infected. Even though it may be difficult to isolate the cause, the consequences are the same. Something stimulates small fibres nerve endings at or near the skin’s surface to move. A message goes rapidly through the nervous system, which we respond to by rubbing or scratching. 

That act may remove the irritation or bring a moment of pain. Many annoying itches can be prevented by daily care. Soaps often dry out the skin, making it itchy. Sufferers should substitute a mild cleansing lotion or use water alone, which most skin specialists say will keep the skin adequately clean.

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