Can i have green tea while pregnant?

Q: Can i have green tea when pregnant?
Young expectant mothers often wonder if they can drink green tea during pregnancy after learning about their delicate situation. As we all know, green tea contains a large amount of caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system, thus causing this problem. The myth that pregnant women banned green tea is just a myth. You can and should drink it. But of course, the number is limited.

Can i have green tea while pregnant?

After drinking a cup of green tea, the heart rate of the mother and fetus may increase, so the daily intake should not exceed 2-3 cups. In the first three months, it is best to limit yourself to a total of 1-2 cups. However, green tea has obvious diuretic effects, and during pregnancy, abdominal distension caused by dysfunction of the lymphatic system is often observed. It is unreasonable to give up this very useful beverage completely.

The effect of green tea on the body

In recent years, scientists around the world have used green tea in medicine and scientific research to study its effects on health. A wide range of biologically active substances have been identified, many of which have a positive effect on the work of certain body systems. Not surprisingly, in China, tea is considered a panacea for all diseases, a beverage that prolongs longevity, empowers and vitalizes, heals and rejuvenates.

The scientific and medical research results are relatively mild. However, it has been found that green tea contains: antioxidants and protein, which means that this beverage is nutritious and can satisfy hunger and thirst; the alkaloid theophylline (caffeine and tannins) is a nerve Systemic stimulant, which means that beverages can refresh, improve mood, and increase physical and mental activities; support the vitamin C, P, PP, K, and B groups of the immune system; minerals and trace elements: zinc, fluorine, iron, manganese, selenium ; Catechin, tocopherol, carotenoids; tannins; essential oils.

Recommendations for pregnant women to drink green tea 

Only choose high-quality natural green tea without packaging. Drink it in the afternoon, no later than 3 hours before going to bed. When brewing beer, drain the first tea leaf: Pour the dry mixture into a kettle, pour warm water, and drain after 30-40 seconds. The first infusion contains the largest amount of caffeine, as well as all the powder of tea. Do not extract strong tea, drink tea at a ratio of 3 grams per cup of water. In order to diversify the flavor of tea and how to reduce nausea, uncontrollable appetite or anxiety caused by poisoning, you can add milk, lemon, mint or lemon balm leaves, rose hips, which have been crushed before, until the flesh and ginger appear.

Is green tea ok during pregnancy?

Modern adults are very aware of which foods are healthy and which are best discarded. However, they are actively buying mayonnaise containing preservatives, biscuits containing flavor enhancers and candies containing artificial flavors. Indeed, for women, this situation will not last long until two precious stripes appear. When preparing to become mothers, women immediately become very picky about the products. Unlike mayonnaise, they are afraid of drinking tea. First of all, they do not know whether pregnant women can drink green tea.

Benefit. Green tea during pregnancy is not only an acidic beverage, but also a source of trace elements and vitamins. It is very useful for the body of future mothers and babies. Yes, every drink contains iron, magnesium and calcium, as well as antioxidants (substances that protect people from colds). In addition, doctors ensure that this tea can maintain normal blood sugar levels and prevent cancer and diabetes. Finally (which is especially interesting for pregnant women), it helps to overcome the signs of poisoning and maintain normal bones and teeth. This is very important because during the "miracle waiting period," many women will have one or more fluids.

Is green tea safe during pregnancy?

All in all, green tea and pregnancy are a good combination. This healthy drink can even regulate gastrointestinal diseases and maintain normal blood pressure (helping hypotonic women not pass out due to a drop in blood pressure during the first half of pregnancy). 

But of course, it is important to remember that there is nothing wrong with doctors who do not recommend green tea during pregnancy. In fact, modern scientists rarely study the effects of tea on the body of future mothers, so you should not abuse this drink (but, just like any other product). 

Even considering all the benefits of leafy greens, you should not risk buying cheap tea, especially tea bags. It is not expensive, but there is a risk of "satisfying" garbage, tea, and leaves of cherries, poplars, oaks and other plants whose benefits for pregnant women have not been proven. It is best to buy tea in bulk from a reputable store.


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