How to be Happy and Overweight?

 Being the Poem

“If you cannot be a poet, be the poem.” ~David Carradine 

Much of the world is struggling with their weight. Most of us are either trying to lose those unwanted extra pounds, trying to gain more weight or simply trying to maintain our current weight. It is common knowledge that we have become a “fat” society; a society that is also not compassionate of those who tip the scales a little too far. 

It’s proven that being overweight has many unhealthy risks, including: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. But, what about the other health risks involved? 

The emotional and mental dangers of being overweight are overwhelming. Society has taught its citizens to find happiness and comfort in their appearance and the appearance of others. In doing so, it has produced an ugly outbreak of depression and anxiety.

Many of us feel that “if we just lose the weight” we’ll be much happier and more content with our lives. Our idea of a thinner, skinny person is that of someone who is almost always full of life & laughter. Most of the magazines and commercials advertise their products with beautiful thin models, appearing young, vibrant and “on top of the world”.

If you suffer from yo-yo dieting, or constant dieting, then you are probably one of the many who feel that as long as the weight is coming off, the world around you is pleasurable. On the other hand, when the scale ceases to move, and you find yourself hitting a plateau, the world around you becomes disappointing, as if a huge grey cloud hangs heavy above your head.

It’s as if you are two different people. Truth is you’re not suffering from split personality disorder. If you delve deep inside, you’re sure to find that you probably suffer from a low self esteem.

How do you fix it?

It’s quite simple. Accept who you are for everything you are. This means looking in the mirror and saying, “I’m overweight, but I’m _____” (fill in the blank with something positive about yourself.) Don’t make it hard, it can be anything as simple as: a great mom/wife/daughter; etc. You must learn to like you for YOU! The kind of person you are on the inside should shine - NO MATTER WHAT!

And, if you’ve set realistic goals, remember that they are always within your reach. Your success is determined by your ability to stay focused and be responsible for your choices. Know the person you are on the inside; and be that person on the outside too!

If you can’t be the poet, then work hard on being the poem.

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