Is your weight impacting your health?

 The weight. A number that many of us have a great dislike for. A number that can change our moods, making us overjoyed or extremely frustrated. Our weight is a number by which we are judged. A number by which we judge ourselves. Overall, is weight really that important or is it just a number we make a big deal about? It's a bit of both, but ultimately your weight is very important.

Your weight is important because it is an indicator of your health and overall well-being. We all know that excessive weight gain leads to obesity, and obesity leads to many serious health problems that can endanger our lives. This number, which can instantly transform our self-perception, is important for our health. It's just a number, but sometimes it's a little bigger than we'd like, and for some it's even smaller than they'd like. It doesn't define us, but it shows how much we care about ourselves.

There are instances where we have less control over our weight due to hormonal or environmental issues, but there are millions of people who are in control but choose to abuse their bodies with overeating and drinking. This is especially the case in developed countries like America and Australia, where obesity is a big problem. People are unaware of how important their weight is to their health and in the fight against preventive disease. Obesity costs the healthcare system billions of dollars each year, and many don't understand that by going off the scale they can dramatically improve their physical and mental health, saving themselves and the government enormous sums that can be used for other, more sophisticated purposes .

Aside from our health and fitness, people are often judged by how much they weigh. We don't need a specific number to tell how someone is taking care of themselves. Heavier people tend to have a much harder time in society and in the workplace. discrimination? Yes and no. People have prejudices about others, and many believe that being overweight can negatively affect work performance and sick leave during the year.

Whether you like it or not, your weight matters more than you think. We shouldn't judge others by how much they weigh, but society knows that being overweight can negatively impact other areas of our lives. Finding and maintaining a healthy weight is important.

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