Why is it so hard to keep weight off?

 Weight loss is often a lifelong struggle. Different diets are tried over and over again with the same poor results and it seems that one is constantly on a diet and forgets to enjoy the many foods that are available everywhere. You withdraw from yourself, limit yourself and then suddenly take on something again. The cycle continues, and weight loss becomes a lifelong struggle.

What makes weight loss so complicated and difficult is the way people perceive it. Most of the time, it's about finding a diet that will give you quick results without trying too hard. Healthy diets that produce lasting results don't work that way. It's just the fad diets that make empty promises and condemn you to a lifelong struggle with weight loss. They're the ones who tell you that if you cut out a certain food group, you'll miraculously lose an unrealistic number of pounds. It's the diets that tell you not to eat this, but to eat lots of it. This may work for a week or two, but by then you'll be craving other foods again and will likely give up your weight loss efforts and start again in a few weeks or months or as needed.

Losing weight has become a lifelong struggle for many. Mostly because they don't realize how easy losing weight really is. There are two weight loss strategies that work perfectly in combination to achieve the desired results. Eat less. Move more. This is the magic formula that can end the lifelong struggle and help you lose weight in a matter of months. You don't need fancy diets. You can eat almost anything you want, but not everything. That means you can eat well most of the week and indulge in a little treat at the weekend. There are no restrictions and no visible fad diets. Get more exercise because without physical activity, losing weight is hard and will remain a lifelong struggle. Aim for half an hour a day to start, and increase that time until you're doing at least sixty minutes of physical activity every day. Take your kids to school, dance around your living room while you vacuum, sign up for a sport or join a running club. Find ways to move more than sit and you will forget the lifelong struggle and finally succeed in losing weight.

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