Vitamin takviyesi almak doğru mu?

SPORCULAR İÇİN VİTAMİN TAKVİYELERİ  Lise sporcularının vitamin takviyesine ihtiyacı var mı? Bazı insanlar sporcuların vitamin takviyesi almasını savunuyor, bazıları ise bu tür takviyelerin işe yaramaz olduğunu söylüyor.  Hiç şüphe yok ki, bir birey iyi beslenmedikçe en verimli şekilde performans gösteremez. Bununla birlikte, vitamin takviyelerinin sağlıklı bir sporcunun performansını iyileştirmede yararlı olduğu gösterilmemiştir. Gıdalar, tercih edilen besin kaynağıdır ve vitamin takviyesi sağlıklı ve yeterli beslenen bir sporcu için tamamen gerekli değildir. Yani aslında herhangi bir sağlık probleminiz yada eksi bir sağlık sorununuz yoksa vitamin takviyesi almak zorunda değilsiniz.

5 aylık hamilelikte kaç kilo alınır?

Hamileliğin 5. ayında kaç kilo alınır bu konu üzerine bilgiler paylaşacağım bugün arkadaşlar. Bilindiği üzere hamilelikte kilo alma kaçınılmaz ve bir o kadarda doğal bir durumdur.1.,2.,3. aylarda kilo alma daha az olsada 3 aydan sonra gözle görülür bir şekilde artacaktır.Şimdi isterseniz ayrıntılı bir şekilde özellikle 5 aylık hamilelikte kaç kilo alınır ? bu konuyu incelemeye başlayalım. Gebelikte Kilo Artışı Hamilelik sırasında kaç kilo almak sağlıklıdır? Tüm hamile kadınlar için vitamin ve mineral takviyesi gerekli mi? Ulusal Araştırma Konseyi'nin Anne Beslenmesi Komitesi, hamilelik sırasında 9-12 kilo ortalama kilo alımının, “normal değerler olarak belirtmiştir.Tabiki bu kilo miktarı sizin ağırlığınıza göre değişkenlik gösterebilir özellikle çok zayıf bayanlarda hamilelik zamanında biraz daha fazla kilo alması istenir ki bebişe daha faydalı olsun. Hamilelikte ne zaman kilo alınır? Normal, sağlıklı bir kadın için kilo alımını 8-10 kg dan az sınırlamak için hiçbir neden yok gibi

When do you gain weight during pregnancy?

DIET AND WEIGHT GAIN IN PREGNANCY  What is a proper amount of weight gain during pregnancy? Are vitamin and mineral supplements necessary for all pregnant women?  The Committee on Maternal Nutrition of the National Research Council indicates that an average weight gain during pregnancy of 24 pounds (or a range of 20-25 pounds) corresponds with a “bet- ter than average course and outcome of pregnancy.”  The gain during pregnancy consists of the weight of the infant plus the following average gains: placenta and amniotic fluid, over 3 pounds; increased size of uterus, 2 pounds; mammary glands, 4/5 pound; and an increase in the mother’s blood volume, 2 4/5 pounds. This additional weight of the mother (about nine pounds) plus the weight of the child (about seven pounds) still leaves a few pounds unaccounted for. The unspecified weight comes from a built-in safety factor: Evidence shows that during pregnancy the hormone, progesterone, stimulates a certain amount of extra fat storage, and ev

How many calories should you eat at each meal for weight loss?

CALORIES PER MEAL  What extent of the a day caloric need need to be overcome with every supper?  There is no broad concession to the extent of calories that need to be devoured at the three regular dinners. the quality example for the overwhelming majority may be a light breakfast, a moderate lunch, and a considerable night dinner. Custom, work timetable, and individual inclination direct feast designs.  One way of thinking recommends that the night feast ought not be a weighty, high fat supper within the event that it's to be trailed by long periods of stationary unwinding before rest. Another suggestion has been that continuous little dinners (state, six) are superior to 3 bigger ones. These last two suggestions reflect worry for raised blood fat focuses which happen a couple of hours after eating.  Numerous overweight people follow an example of eating on the brink of nothing or nothing during the day and afterward stashing really tremendous amounts of food during the night. The

What is meant by “nutrient density” and why is it important?

The term “nutrient density” relates the concentration of important nutrients during a food (vitamins, minerals, protein) to the caloric value of that food. Meat and milk are good samples of foods which give important quantities of nutrients along side calories. Rather complicated systems are developed so as to rate foods in terms of their nutrient density. The documented four food grouping was devised through the utilization of 1 such scoring system . The grouping of foods, the amounts of every food recom mended, and therefore the suggested frequency of consumption were chosen to assure that adherence to the plan would more or less guarantee an adequate diet. The enrichment and fortification of selected foods (e.g., cereals, flour, bread, and milk) represent efforts to supply an honest nutrient density in popular foods. Perhaps someday a writing are going to be figured out to help individuals in their selection of foods to assure nutritious meals. Nutrient Density and the Insulin Index

How accurate are calorie labels?

How accurate are calorie tables? The values for food energy (calories) are estimates at the best . an excellent many factors determine the accuracy of the estimates. the 2 most vital determinants are the exactness of the laboratory determinations and therefore the constancy of food composition. Calories are an expression or measure of the energy which may be derived from food. Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are the main energy providing compounds. (The other source of calories is alcohol.) The energy available during a food are often evaluated by combustion of the food during a calorimeter or by assigning caloric equivalents to the fat, carbohydrate, and protein within the food. While these methods correspond very well , the results obtained on random samples of a given food are still only average values for all other samples of that food. Foods of constant composition, like oils, might be expected to supply the food energy listed in calorie tables; however, there aren't many fo

Why does my skin itch and burn?

Nothing is more common than an itch and burn of some kind in the skin. Dozens of times a day, we touch our faces, rub our noses, scratch our heads, brush or dab the skin somewhere, all to remove some annoying irritation. And yet why we itch as we do is not yet fully understood.  Sometimes, as when a fly or insect buzzes in, the cause is obvious. But itching may come from an allergy, a medication, an infection, even an emotional upset. It is the most prominent factor in many skin diseases, but because you itch doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin is infected. Even though it may be difficult to isolate the cause, the consequences are the same. Something stimulates small fibres nerve endings at or near the skin’s surface to move. A message goes rapidly through the nervous system, which we respond to by rubbing or scratching.  That act may remove the irritation or bring a moment of pain. Many annoying itches can be prevented by daily care. Soaps often dry out the skin, making it itchy.

What is the best treatment for acne for teenagers?

Few people in adolescence escape from the disfiguring pimples and blackheads known as acne. Because they often appear on the face, they always seem so much worse than they really are. If it’s any comfort, the problem usually vanishes by adulthood, though a few people have some acne all their lives.  Acne is a companion of puberty, when increased hormone activity causes the sebaceous glands, which sit at the base of the hair follicles, to secrete more oil. That is why acne afflicts the face, forehead, chest and shoulders, areas with a high concentration of sebaceous glands.  The moisturising oil, or sebum, normally flows smoothly onto the skin through our pores. Sometimes, the pores become clogged, either through dirt, or because the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. Bacteria multiply, often inflaming the site.  Acne develops usually duringpuberty when more sebum is secretedfrom the sebaceous glands. Normally this passes through the hair follicles and oils the skin. An excess ma

Why do irish people have freckles?

If you have freckles, blame your ancestors. Almost certainly they are inherited. They first show up in childhood and, if you are going to have them, they have usually all appeared by your twenty first birthday. Some adults get a few freckles later in life, particularly if they spend much time in the Sun, but these rarely cluster as normal freckles tend to do.  A comforting point about freckles is that it seems they do no harm. In many irish people, they add an attractive feature to the face. They are more common in fair and red haired irish people, and always show more prominently after prolonged exposure to the Sun.  In most of us, sunshine increases the production of melanin, the pigment that tans our skin and protects it. Some fairskinned irish people and most redheads don’t tan in the Sun. Their pigment cells fail to respond, or do so unevenly. Instead of producing an even tan, the pigment collects irregularly in small dark spots. Even though freckles themselves are harmless, irish

Tip 1 diyabet hastalarının çocuğu olur mu

Diyabet ve Bebek Sahibi Olma Diyabet hastalığı olanlar çocuk sahibi olabilir mi,hamilelik esnasında diyabetli olmanın riskleri var mıdır bugün bu konular hakkında bilgiler vereceğim. Diyabetinizi yönetmek daha zor olsa da, tip 1 diyabetli sağlıklı bir hamileliğiniz olabilir. Hamilelik öncesinde ve sırasında iyi kan şekeri kontrolüne sahip olmak önemlidir. Hamileyken doktorunuzun önereceği diyabet ilaçlarını kullanmayı ihmal etmemelisiniz. Sürekli yüksek kan şekeri seviyeleri, özellikle hamileliğin ilk 8 haftasında bebeğinize zarar verebilir. Ayrıca şeker hastalığı nedeniyle doğum sırasında komplikasyonlara neden olabilecek riskler vardır. Bu nedenle tip 1 diyabet hastası olarak çocuk sahibi olmak istiyorsanız eğer muhakkak uzman doktor desteği ile bu sürece girmelisiniz ki şeker hastalığınız size ve doğacak olan çocuğunuza zarar vermesin. Tip 1 Diyabetli Hamilelikten Önce Hamile kalmayı planlıyor ve tip 1 diyabet hastalığı olan biriyseniz eğer ilk yapmanız gereken şey doktorun

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